The health and safety of our community are more vital now than ever. We have the power to impact our community and the world around us by setting an example and wearing a mask in public. But we have to do it together. Let’s protect each other. As a member of our South Florida community, you are crucial to spreading this important message. Join the #BaptistHealthMaskChallenge by sharing who you wear the mask for.

Wear One, Share One

Sharing is caring. Wear a mask in public, and show someone else how much you care about their health and safety by giving them their own mask. If enough of us wear one and share one, together we can help protect the health of our community. To get a mask for you and a loved one, follow these steps:

Step 1

Post a photo of yourself wearing a mask on Instagram.

Step 2

Tell us who you wear a mask for.

Step 3

Tag us @BaptistHealthSF and use #BaptistHealthMaskChallenge #MaskUpSouthFlorida.

Why are masks important?

Face masks are essential for protecting not only your health and safety, but also the health and safety of your loved ones and the rest of the community. Follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to make wearing your mask as effective as possible. The goal of the Baptist Health Mask Challenge is to spread the message that masks are important, and that the only way we will overcome this pandemic is together.



By participating in this giveaway, you affirm that you are 18+ and located in the U.S.A. By entering, you agree to Baptist Health or its affiliates use of any photos you submit across all media platforms. Please note that cloth masks/face coverings may not and are not guaranteed protect the wearer from exposure to viruses (including COVID-19), but it may keep the wearer from spreading viruses to others. This give away is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram. You agree to release and hold Baptist Health South Florida and its affiliates harmless from any claims whatsoever related to this giveaway. While supplies last. Your masks will take 2-3 weeks to arrive by mail.