Did you know each mother-baby duo at Homestead Hospital leaves with a complimentary HALO SleepSack and training on safe sleep practices for newborns?

Sleep Sack

Determined to help newborns sleep safer, Carey Acosta, R.N., Mother and Baby Unit Lactation Consultant, and Nancy Martinez, APRN, Labor and Delivery Clinical Nurse Educator, launched the Safe Sleep Task Force at Homestead Hospital.

Now, every baby born at the hospital receives a sleep sack, a wearable sleeveless blanket worn over pajamas to take the place of loose blankets. Sleep sacks cost about $20 or more, which can be cost-prohibitive for many patients. In November 2018, Laborist Darren Salinger, M.D., a staunch supporter of Baptist Health nursing initiatives and regular donor to the Center for Excellence in Nursing, extended his generosity even further and committed to fund the Safe Sleep project for the next five years.

Generosity Heals

Generosity Heals

The generosity of our community is what allows Baptist Health to enhance our patient experience beyond the expert, compassionate care provided to our patients and their loved ones. To support the ongoing work of Baptist Health Foundation and impact the lives of future mothers and their babies, click below and designate your gift to Homestead Hospital.

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